The Ultimate Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Chimney for Your Home 2023

The use of kitchen chimney is to clean and throw out the smoke produced during cooking in the kitchen. So that your kitchen remains clean and oil, smoke free. In fact, modern kitchen chimneys are designed to add style and decor to your modular kitchen.

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2023)
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Are you looking for the buying guide for the best Kitchen Chimney in India?

If ‘YES’ then you are at the right place, by reading this article you will be able to easily choose the best chimney for your kitchen.

As you all know, we all have to face smoke while cooking, and this problem comes more especially in the case of Indian food. Because they tend to be slightly higher in frying and seasonings, which can actually be quite sticky and greasy.


Just like the sound of tempering in a vegetable gives you a unique aroma and taste. Similarly, it leaves its mark on your kitchen tiles and ceiling after the task of preparing the vegetable. And to solve this problem, a kitchen chimney is very helpful as an appliance, which absorbs the smoke as well as keeps your kitchen free from oil, smoke and odor. In fact, the modern and best kitchen chimney in India adds to the beauty of your modular kitchen.

When you prefer a kitchen chimney online or at any other place. So, before buying it, make sure that it should primarily fit in your kitchen, so that its suction power can function properly. Also, consider chimney filter types. We have listed below some tips to consider before buying a chimney.

Before Buying a Kitchen Chimney check below Buying Guide:

  • Types of Chimney filters
  • Types of Kitchen Chimneys
  • Suction Power of kitchen chimney
  • Kitchen Chimney design
  • Kitchen Chimney size
  • Chimney Ducting

Types of Kitchen Chimney FiltersBest Kitchen Chimney in India

Chimney filter types are classified into 3 categories based on their material, composition and filtering process.

  • Baffle Filter
  • Carbon Filter
  • Cassette/Mesh Filter

Baffle Filter

In most Indian chimnies, you find baffle filters, which are actually another form of improvement over aluminum wire mesh filters. Many experts say that baffle filters work about 30 percent better than mesh filters. The design of the baffle filter consists of panels, which have many curves. These curves allow the smoke to escape freely, while holding the amount of oil inside.


Baffle filters are very easy to maintain, as they only need to be cleaned about once every 3 to 4 months. Nowadays, detachable baffle filters are used in many chimnies, which you can easily clean at home. Due to which, you can also save extra cost on technician.

Carbon Filter

The way a carbon filter is used in your water purifier, today you can also install this filter in your chimney. After using this filter, you can remove the bad smell of food. This filter is made from charcoal, which you can use in both duct and ductless chimneys.


Due to continuous use of the kitchen chimney, oil and other greasy particles stick to the carbon filter, due to which it needs to be replaced after a period of about six months. This type of filter is very much liked in India.

Mesh/Cassette Filter

In this filter, there are several layers of aluminum or stainless steel mesh filters, which act to trap the solid particles in it, and remove the clean smoke. These filters require high maintenance to function properly. Because of blockages in it, the suction capacity of the filter is reduced. The best way to avoid this problem is to regularly clean or wash the filter yourself or someone else.


Types of Kitchen ChimneysBest Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide 2023

You should choose a kitchen chimney based on the structure of your kitchen. So that, you can fit it in a place where there is a cooking platform, hob, stove. Depending on the capabilities of the kitchen chimney, it can also be fitted in the kitchen. These abilities we have divided into 4 categories.

  • Wall Mounted Chimney
  • Built-in Chimney (Integrated)
  • Island Chimney
  • Corner Chimney (Rare in India)

Wall Mounted Chimney

This chimney is installed adjacent to the wall with cooktop, hob, which takes up very little space of your kitchen.

Built-in Chimney

The built-in chimney is placed inside the wooden furniture of the kitchen, due to which, very little of it is visible, these chimneys work against the wall.

Island Chimney

When your cooking platform is located away from the wall, or in the center of the kitchen. In such times this chimney is used, in which the kitchen chimney is hanging on the ceiling above with the cooking top, hob.

Corner Chimney

This chimney is placed in the corner of the kitchen where the cooking top is located against the wall.

Important Factors to be Considered for a Kitchen Chimney

Chimney Suction Power

The chimney uses a motor to suck up the oil particles and odor. The suction power of this motor is measured in cubic meters per hour (m3 per hour). For Indian kitchens, a kitchen chimney with high air suction capacity is a perfect choice.

If you repeat the cooking process over and over again in your kitchen. So chimneys work better with the range being between 400m3/hr to 1000m3/hr depending on the size of your kitchen. More suction power is usually seen in long pipe chimneys.

Chimney Filter

Filter is an integral part of any chimney, so it is very important to keep it clean for proper functioning of the chimney. If the filter is not cleaned from time to time, its suction capacity is greatly reduced, which is harmful to your health as well as to the kitchen. Your choice of the right filter reflects the high performance of the chimney.

Motor or Blower

For the long life of the motor, the right solution is to seal it, so that dirt does not accumulate on it. If your chimney uses an aluminum non-stick blower and motor, this reduces the need for periodic servicing of the internal parts.

Size of Chimney

Depending on the size of the kitchen, one should choose any fireplace. For example, a 3 ft chimney is the right size for a 3 ft chulha, although most standard chimneys are available in the market in 2 ft and 3 ft sizes.

Kitchen Chimney Maintenance

Although in the market, you get to see a multitude of the best chimneys in India, you should opt for such a kitchen chimney, which requires less maintenance. Hence for proper cleaning of chimney, it is advisable to install it at a low height (4 feet). So that it can remove smoke and oil particles effectively.


If you want to buy an electric chimney, then their price range can go from Rs 3000 to Rs 1,00,000.

Kitchen Chimney Noise

When a motor and a fan are operated, due to air circulation, noise is generated in it. But nowadays some modern chimneys use a silent kit, which helps it to be quieter or produce less noise.


Chimneys in the early price range offer single speed, while the latest and slightly higher-priced chimneys offer multiple speed ranges.

Aesthetic Style

In the market, you get to see every category of chimney from economical to expensive, which you can like depending on your budget, cooking style and kitchen decoration. Models from some companies also offer the option to customize the look so that the chimney matches the decor of your kitchen.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

While most of the brands offer you a 1-year warranty, some companies provide it with a lifetime warranty. If you hope for the best user experience, be sure to check out the after sales services when buying a chimney.

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